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12 Creative Ways to Turn Your EDC Belt into A Survival Belt

You have heard about survival belts and even looking online to get one. Instead of investing a substantial amount of time and money in looking for the perfect survival belt, why not getting a strong EDC belt and turn it into a survival belt? All you need is some creativity juice and make the belt in service to you when confronted with some troubles or being in a tough situation.

When we talk about survival, it is more than knowledge and skills. The bottom line is your mentality. Survival is about a mentality of using the items in your immediate environment for your survival advantage. The items can be something you carry every day or just happen to be available around you. To be honest, the amount of the gear doesn’t matter. What matters is your mentality and ability to do something with the limited available gears around you to solve the trouble in front of you, as long as it can save your life.

It is uncommon for people to turn to a belt for help in the face of an emergency. However, a belt is an accessory that most people will wear every day to hold up their pants or to carry essential tools like a pocket knife. Since it is a readily available tool for you, you can transform your EDC belt creatively into something useful when emergency calls in.

There are four categories in which your EDC belt can be used creatively to meet your survival needs.

For Emergency Medical Use

As a tourniquet

Not everyone will consider buying a tourniquet especially when you are not going to somewhere remote and dangerous like war zone or camping in a forest. There could be some scenarios where you need to stop someone or yourself from bleeding. For instance, you might injure your leg in a construction site and bleed non-stop. Without the professional tourniquet available at the moment, you can take off your belt and cinch around your injured leg tightly to stop yourself from bleeding from a massive cut.

As a splint fastener

When a bone is broken, what you need is a splint fastener. You can DIY your splint fastener with the use of your EDC belt. Just attach a straight and rigid object like straight branches against the broken limb and have the belt wrap it around to hold the broken limb in place. Make sure to keep the broken limb stable to avoid worsening the injury.

To elevate injured body parts

What to do when someone or you broke the bones or sprain the joints? A belt can be transformed into a first-aid tool by wrapping around the injured part and fasten it before elevating it. Doing so will promote healing.

For Self-Defense Purpose

A whip

A belt serves more than a fashion purpose besides holding up your pants. It can be used as a whip in response to threatening animals or individuals. Just take off your belt and swing it hard towards the threatening subject to generate enough force that can injure that subject and cause that subject to bleed painfully. Such a defense method definitely would scare the threatening subject to take a step back.

A sling

A sling is one of the ancient weapons to defend oneself. You can create a projectile launching sling and use it with a rock over a greater distance. As an old wise saying, practice makes perfect. You can choose to hone this self-defense skill to increase the speed and accuracy of launching the rock towards the threatening target. Its harm is said to be deadly if used by the right warrior.

A garrote

Hate to say this but a belt can be used to strangle someone or an animal if they are threatening your life, placing you on the verge of a life or death situation. Murder is a crime. You would never want to be jailed. Nevertheless, you might consider using your belt to put them under control with sufficient strangulation force but never intend to stop them from breathing.

Physical restraint

If you have taken someone hostile captive, a belt can be used to restrain the person from harming others as well as from hurting yourself. You can choose to secure the person to a tree or a pole. Or you might want to handcuff the person with a belt.

For Fastening & Hauling Purposes

To carry in bulk

You have gathered a bunch of firewood to start a campfire but wondering how to carry all of them back to the camping site. Just wrap that bunch of firewood into a single bundle with your belt for easier carrying. Instead of traveling back and forth multiple times, you can carry them back in one go. Of course, you can carry anything else with your belt.

To haul

Some items might be too heavier to be carried, for instance, logs. You can use your belt to haul these heavy items to the destination without spending too much energy on them, especially when you don’t have anyone to help you out.

As a cordage

When there is a real need but you fail to find any string or rope, you can cut your belt into strips and use it as cordage to bind objects together into various knots you know.

For Rescuing Purpose

To pull people out from harm

Let say your friend falls into a hole during the hike, the hole might be too deep for you to pull him out. Branches might be snapped easily due to the strong pulling force. You can use your belt as a rope to pull him out from the hole.

To drag the stretcher

Getting injured during outdoor activities is not uncommon. Some injuries can be attended to easily but not for all. Let say your outdoor buddy happen to injure himself and become unconscious in the middle of the jungle. It might be hard to call for an ambulance to get him out from the jungle due to the loss of signal. In this case, you can DIY a stretcher with the use of a belt or two belts to be fixed as the strap handles. This will make it easier for you and your other buddy to carry him out of the jungle to get the necessary medical treatment.

Last note: All you need is a sense of creativity and a strong belt!