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EDC for Everyone: 

What is EDC & Why It Gains 

So Much Popularity?

You might have noticed, the word “EDC” has been scattering all over the social media platforms and popular forums such as Reddit. It goes frenzy over the globe for years. For your information, EDC is a common term used among EDC enthusiasts. However, such use is not restricted to this particular EDC fan group but for everyone. For those of you who have little knowledge about EDC, this article is dedicated to you.

EDC exists for ages and has been evolving into the internet as one of its main subcultures. This subculture breeds its community since ancient times where people carry a spear with them all the time wherever they go. The EDC community base is larger than we could ever imagine. Just go to one of the social media sites and you will be bombarded with endless EDC pictures and most often, accompanied by hot discussions. Now, you may wonder what is EDC and why it raises so much attention?

What is EDC?

EDC is an acronym of “Everyday Carry” It refers to the items you carry with you everywhere. For instance, cash, wallet, keychain, knife, laser pen, lighter and the list goes on as long as these items fulfill your goals of bringing them with you all the time. To put it shortly, these items are meant to help you in achieving your goals on a daily basis as well as in the face of emergencies. 

Why EDC Raises So Much Attention?

EDC popularity is indeed a social phenomenon worthy to be explored as it spans through every base of the world communities. People have been sharing and exchanging tips in creating and/or improving their EDC kits. If we dive into it deeper, EDC is rooted in the mentality of being prepared and such preparation varies with people. 


One of the core values revolving around the EDC lifestyle is “Being prepared for whatever situations”. If you are stranded by a seatbelt in a car crash, a small knife from your pouch could have got you out of this dire situation if no one else is around there to rescue you. If you are locked in a small room without having anyone lending you a hand, a small tool from the pouches attached to your belt could have opened the door and help in your escape. If there are too many parcels to be opened, a box cutter would have helped to speed up the process. In short, EDC is a problem solver no matter what kinds of situations you might get yourself into one day.

The interest in getting ready for the possible situations among the EDC community is interesting. The reason for doing so is to prevent themselves from becoming powerless. If you couldn’t get yourself out of the room, you probably starve to death while waiting for someone to get you out (if your phone is not working at all somehow). Or you might be spending hours opening tons of parcels with bare hands. Being powerless in a situation is fearful. You could only expect the rescue of others. But this is not true. You can be your rescuer. Adopting an EDC lifestyle would help to train you to be self-reliant and equip yourself with a variety of survival skills and knowledge in order to be in control in whatever situations.

Personal Choice

The adoption of the EDC lifestyle is not only getting you ready for different situations but also giving you the choice to customize your EDC kit. Customization is one of the best things in this lifestyle as you can customize your EDC kit according to your needs and preferences. For instance, you need pepper spray to defend yourself when you walk back home alone every day or you prefer a better tool like a pocket knife to cut the box storage and strings instead of using a box cutter. But bear in mind that there is always a limit to keeping the EDC kit with you everywhere. Therefore, you should ask yourself this question: “What do you really need the EDC kit to do for you?” to guide your customization. What you truly put in your EDC kit is the essential stuff. Here are how the practice of essentialism and minimalism comes into play in the EDC lifestyle. Also, you can customize the kit according to your daily needs and occasions. The items can be detached and attached to the EDC kit based on the needs and preferences on that particular day. Suppose you are going fishing with your friends, you don’t need a pen for paperwork but you need more fish baits.

Besides the needs and preferences, EDC offers the opportunity for self-expression. Since you have the choice to customize the kit, you can personalize your EDC kit to shine your personality. The choice of your EDC items reflects who you are as a person. Perhaps you are a survivalist carrying items that are essential to save your life in some life or death situations such as medical supplies and lighter. Or instead of choosing a low-profile pocket knife, a stylish knife with a wolf printed on it would suit you better as a charismatic person with a sense of mystery.

Last but Not Least

EDC is an integral part of everyone’s life. Being prepared and enjoying a personal choice are the essence of practicing the EDC lifestyle. As EDC items are required to serve their needs every day or whenever they are needed (which you have no clue when you need them precisely), EDC items must be functional, essential, sturdy as well as portable. EDC items are typically placed into/onto different places for easy to carry on the go. It can be your shirt or trousers’ pocket, belt, wallet, or even a suitcase! Pocket might be less spacious while backpack might be too much, a belt could be the best alternative as it sits in the worlds of two. There are a few things to keep in mind: 

• Look for a belt with sufficient load-bearing capacity without the expense of flexibility and comfort. You might want to add some pouches onto it.

• Make sure the EDC items you want to carry on the belt are small and lightweight so they wouldn’t add the burden on your waist and hip.

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